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CSLA Announces the 2016 World Landscape Architecture Month Winning Poster
Ottawa - April 7th, 2016 - The winner of the WLAM Poster Competition is Lori Philp (Toronto, ON). She produced the poster which will be distributed across the country to help promote WLAM. Each year the CSLA sponsors a poster competition, and the winning poster design is distributed across the country to our component associations, schools, members and professional offices, and to public governments and organizations.
About the Winning Poster
Ms. Philp does not necessarily define her home as the building where I she resides, but rather the diversity of places where she can create, laugh, explore, rest and feel comfortable.  These places exist beyond her front door, within surrounding streets, parks, and neighbourhoods.  Landscape Architecture plays a valuable role in place making, and as such has the capacity to inform how we define the boundaries of our own home.  This poster exhibits symbols that Ms. Philp feels strengthens this notion of home, at varying scales from intimate spaces to the greater public realm:  wildlife, vegetation, food, water, recreation, infrastructure and community are ideas that immediately come to mind. 

“Home: Locally Inspired”: Contemplate the influence of landscape architecture and how it improves our our communities. How do we design/build our home for ourselves or for others? At what scale do we perceive our home and our community, and what influences it? What does it mean to call a place our home?

About WLAM
Every April, Canadian landscape architects join their colleagues around the world to celebrate our profession. April is the perfect month to share our profession and reach out to our communities, notable for Earth Day (April 22nd) and the birthday of Frederick Law Olmsted (April 27th), founder of the landscape architecture profession in North America.
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2015 WLAM Winning Poster

Fanny B. Perras (Montréal, QC) is the winner of the 2015 WLAM Poster Competition.

Click on the image to download a .pdf version. If you would like a printed copy, please e-mail executive-director@csla-aapc.ca

About the Winning Poster

Canadian landscape is as diverse as Canada itself: land of water, snow, mountains, forests, prairies but it is also a living environnement. Those landscapes, natural or built, are the reflection of their richness.This poster represents this diversity where each icon is associated to one of Canada's different landscape typologies. The Canadian Landscape Charter recognizes yesterday and today’s landscapes and acts as a legacy for a sustainable future.

the theme for the 2015 wlam poster competition
The theme is the Canadian Landscape Charter, which is being prepared for ratification at the CSLA Congress in 2015. The Canadian Landscape Charter is a solemn instrument wherein the different regional components of CSLA and others organizations share their commitment to recognize, protect and manage in a sustainable way, the landscapes across the country. In 2015, all CSLA members and component associations will commit to a common vision on the importance of the diverse landscapes across the country. The development of a “Global Convention on Landscapes” was initiated by the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) in 2010. Shortly after, the CSLA began developing a “Canadian Landscape Charter”. Through the Canadian Landscape Charter, the CSLA recognizes that all landscapes have an intrinsic value vital to our identity, environment and livelihood as Canadians. Furthermore, we pledge to consider all people, inspire stewardship, expand knowledge and show leadership as we protect, enhance, create and manage the priceless resources which are the “landscapes we live in”. Perhaps the most important thing to capture in the poster contest is the tone and spirit of this declaration. It is a ‘solemn instrument’, but ‘solemn’ in this case doesn’t mean somber, it means heartfelt and firm. It is about passionately embracing our responsibility to the land. It marks a proud milestone in the profession’s growth. We should celebrate. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Canadian Landscape Charter

2014 WLAM Winning Poster

Megan Esopenko and Matt Perotto (Toronto, ON) were the winners of the 2014 WLAM Poster Competition.

Click on the image to download a .pdf version. If you would like a printed copy, please e-mail executive-director@csla-aapc.ca

about the winning poster

Throughout the past decade, many of Canada’s major cities have witnessed first hand the downfalls of our current urban water management systems. Landscape architects offer new green approaches to solving these issues on a large, citywide scale. Decentralizing stormwater facilities by replacing the conventional end-­-of-­-pipe system with source control treatments, can reduce peak flow volumes and increase time to peak flow. By replacing the typical concrete infrastructure with biophysical and environmental alternatives, we can recharge the urban ground water table; reduce stress on the system downstream, and save money in the process.

In the future, everyone will have a role to play in the management of urban stormwater.

Megan Espoenko and Matt Perotto are studying their Masters in Landscape Architecture at the University of Toronto. Each hold a Bachelor in Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo in Honors planning with a specialization in Urban Design.

2013 WLAM Winning Poster

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In English:

wlam 2013 english

In French:

WLAM 2013 French

by Megan Esopenko and Matt Perotto, Toronto ON

About the Winning Poster

The theme for 2013 was green roofs. Green roofs and green walls are a rapidly growing area of practice, offering an unprecedented level of integration between buildings and landscapes. Green Roofs hold numerous potential benefits, not just as performative landscapes but also as liveable spaces. They have the ability to reduce stress on stormwater systems through the evapotranspiration of rainwater, as well as reducing the heat island effect of invididual buildings and cities on a mass scale. These posters depict green roof technologies, showing both intensive and extensive systems and envisions a "future" where all green roofs should be accessible, liveable spaces. It is meant to inspire and provoke the viewer to think about what could be, and let go of the current way ot thinking about green roofs.

Megan Espoenko and Matt Perotto are studying their Masters in Landscape Architecture at the University of Toronto. Each hold a Bachelor in Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo in Honors planning with a specialization in Urban Design.


In addition to the winning poster, the WLAM Committee awarded two honourable mentions.

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Diane Relyea

by Diane Relyea, Guelph ON

Adam Léger

by Adam Léger, Guelph ON

2012 WLAM Winning Poster

2012 [download PDF] by Mike Light | Calgary, Alberta

The theme for 2012 was “Active Landscapes”, aimed at celebrating the central role of landscape architecture in the development of healthy and active communities.

Mike Light, an associate member with AALA, working for Stantec Consulting in Red Deer, submitted the winning entry. Mike provided this statement with his submission: “I think that a landscape becomes active when its potential is realized. A mountain is simply a beautiful part of nature; but when you introduce human imagination and thoughtful design, the landscape is transformed to create a public environment where people can interact and engage with their surroundings. At first glance this poster portrays a fun, vibrant image of a landscape seen through eyeglasses. In detail, it shows someone imagining that landscape as an active and social environment, recognizing the potential of the natural space and thinking of creative ways to interact with it. Anyone can create their own active landscape; it's just a matter of how you look at things.”

2011 WLAM Winning Poster by Brandon Clark

2011 WLAM Winning Poster

2010 WLAM Winning Poster by Joanna Linder

2010 image

2009 WLAM Winning Poster by Sylvie Godin

2009 WLAM Winning Poster

2008 WLAM Winning Poster by Leah Ward, Dan Button, Steve Euser, Jason McMillen, Colin Bailey, and Veronica Porter

2008 WLAM Winning Poster