Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination Guidelines


The Lifetime Achievement Award is the honor the CSLA may bestow upon a landscape architect whose lifetime achievements and contributions to the profession have had a unique and lasting impact on the welfare of the public and on the environment. 

The Lifetime Achievement Award will be awarded to an individual who exemplifies the following qualities by demonstrating:

  • excellence in the field of practice as a landscape architect (such as policy, research, project planning, design, or a combination of professional activities);
  • societal, technical, or environmental advancement through landscape architecture;
  • that their contributions have had a substantial meaningful impact on both people and nature and that their works are known and respected by other landscape architects;
  • advancement of the profession of landscape architecture through professional and personal contributions;
  • a passion and enthusiasm for the profession of landscape architecture.


The individual must be:
  • a landscape architect;
  • a member of the CSLA.

Current members of the CSLA Board of Directors.


An individual may receive only one Lifetime Achievement Award in their lifetime.

Nominees may not self-nominate for this award.

This award may be given posthumously.


Two awards may be given annually.


The CSLA Board of Directors may propose nominations for this award. In addition, nominations may be made by any Member of the CSLA, any component organization of the CSLA, or by any associated organization of the CSLA.


Thursday, February 1st, 2024 at 4 pm EDT


Each nomination is judged for the success with which the nomination package demonstrates the candidate’s lifetime achievement and contribution to landscape architecture. 

The CSLA Board of Directors retains the right to request additional information on candidates as deemed necessary during deliberations.  

Announcement and Presentation

The recipient is notified by the President and invited to attend the CSLA Annual Congress Dinner where the award will be awarded.  

Announcement of the award will be made in the CSLA Bulletin, by media release and through other CSLA communications methods. By accepting the award, the candidate agrees to allow the CSLA to use their image in the promotion of the Recognition Awards

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