CSLA Observes National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

The Government of Canada designated September 30 the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation to honour First Nations, Inuit and Métis survivors, their families and communities. 

On this National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, it is essential for all to reflect on this country’s colonial past and to better understand the harsh truths that many have not heard or wished to not learn, and further some deny. For Indigenous families, this day will be a reminder of the real harms and colonial violence that not only began in the early days of Canada, but continue with public sector systems, legislation, social policies, and actions of the Canadian State. These are the reasons that the 94 Calls to Action are presented – to call out the systemic issues as a path forward in Canada.

In recognition of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, the CSLA encourages the profession to learn more by:

- reading the CSLA's statement on reconciliation

- learning about reconciliation by visiting our 'Resources' page

- getting involved in the conversation by volunteering your time or donating to the cause.

CSLA Statement on Reconciliation and the Profession

The statement is based on input gathered from an environmental scan of CSLA provincial, regional and territorial component associations, universities, related professional associations, Indigenous organizations and practitioners, and CSLA members.

Click here to read the CSLA's statement on reconciliation 



The CSLA's Reconciliation Advisory Committee

In 2016, the CSLA Board of Directors created the Indigenous Issues Task Force. Led by Chris Grosset, the Task Force was mandated to create a discussion document and proposed actions to address Reconciliation within the profession. In 2018, the Board of Directors created the Reconciliation Advisory Committee and approved an action plan for Reconciliation.

Read the action plan

Members of the Reconciliation Advisory Committee

Grant Fahlgren (Chair)
Chris Grosset
Michelle Legault
James Thomas
Terence Radford
Vincent Asselin
Désirée Thériault
Naomi Ratte

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