CSLA Adopts the UNDRIP as a Framework for Action and Decision-Making

(June 21st, 2023) At its recent Board Meeting, the CSLA adopted the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) as a framework for action and decision-making. 

By doing so, we are ensuring that the profession operates under the same standards of other organizations we collaborate with and demonstrates our commitment to Indigenous partners. 

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CSLA Statement on Reconciliation and the Profession

The statement is based on input gathered from an environmental scan of CSLA provincial, regional and territorial component associations, universities, related professional associations, Indigenous organizations and practitioners, and CSLA members.

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CSLA's LP Magazine Themes an Issue on Reconciliation

reconciliation, vol 21, no 3

In the Fall 2019, Reconciliation issue of Landscapes I Paysages, read how David Thomas, other Indigenous designers and landscape architects, as well as many firms across the country are discussing the applying the concepts of reconciliation in their projects and practices.








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Provincial, Regional, and Territorial Component Associations Publications

New Content on Indigenous Issues in OALA's Ground Magazine

Responding to Reconciliation





Sitelines Magazine - BCSLA

Groundwork: Building Relations with First Nations

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The CSLA's Reconciliation Advisory Committee

In 2016, the CSLA Board of Directors created the Indigenous Issues Task Force. Led by Chris Grosset, the Task Force was mandated to create a discussion document and proposed actions to address Reconciliation within the profession. In 2018, the Board of Directors created the Reconciliation Advisory Committee and approved an action plan for Reconciliation.

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Members of the Reconciliation Advisory Committee

Grant Fahlgren (Co-Chair), Naomi Ratte (Co-Chair), Chris Grosset (Board Champion), Michelle Legault (Executive Director), James Thomas, Terence Radford, Désirée Thériault, Marie-France Turgeon, Tiffany Adair, Doriena Hassett, Jordan Cantafio

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