Governor General's Medal

Call for Nominations: 2022 Governor General’s Medal in Landscape Architecture

The Governor General's Medal in Landscape Architecture (GGMLA) is  the highest honour bestowed on a landscape architect by the CSLA. The medal is intended to honour exceptional landscape architects whose lifetime achievements and contributions to the profession have had a unique and lasting impact on Canadian society.


The individual must be: a) a landscape architect, and b) a member of the CSLA. Recipients of the CSLA Lifetime Achievement Award are eligible for the GGMLA. Current CSLA Board Members are ineligible for the award. The award cannot be given posthumously.

Assessment Criteria
  • excellence in and outstanding body of work, nationally recognized
  • contribution which has a unique and lasting impact on Canadian society
  • demonstrates leadership or wisdom over a sustained period of time, and has made a significant difference to individuals or groups
  • exemplifies the core values of the profession and the CSLA through their interaction with colleagues and clients, demonstrates a commitment to those values
  • promotes excellence in the profession
  • advances the profession
  • high level of respect among colleagues and peers, and-or widespread and ongoing influence
  • overcomes barriers, shows perseverance and courage in the face of change. Is an unflagging champion for their beliefs

Send your nomination electronically, in one .pdf document PLUS one .jpg image of the nominee, to

Submissions must be received no later than Thursday, February 17th, 2022 at 4 pm EDT

Download the Nomination Form (Please download to your desktop before completing)

Past recipients of the Governor General's Medal in Landscape Architecture

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About the Medal

The medal is made of pure number 110 copper and plated in 24 k gold. The background is frosted and lettering is raised and polished to a high sheen. It weighs 4.75 oz and measures 2.5 inches in diameter, .25 inches in thickness. The recipient's name is struck in "bright cut". The medal was struck by the Mississauga Mint.


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