History of the Profession

Learn more about the history of CSLA and the profession of landscape architecture in Canada. 

Past CSLA Presidents

Learn more about the previous CSLA presidents. 

Frederick Gage Todd Designated as a Person of National Historic Significance by the Government of Canada

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Humphrey Carver Reminisces about the Founding of CSLA in 1934 

Read this delightful article written by Humphrey Carver in 1994 about the founding of the CSLA in 1934 as the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects and Town Planners in 1934 by Carl Borgstrom, Humphrey Carver, Gordon CulhamHoward Dunington-Grubb, Laurie Dunington-Grubb, Edwin Kay, Helen Kippax, Frances Steinhoff, and J.V. Stensson

Landscape Architecture in Canada by Ron Williams


Changing the Face of Canada

Changing the Face of Canada: Profiles of Landscape Architects, Volumes 1 and 2, by Linda M. LeGeyt

changing the face       changing the face 2

Audio Interviews

Linda M. LeGeyt gifted CSLA the audio files of interviews undertaken in the 1980s to complete the research for Changing the Face of Canada: Profiles of Landscape Architects. The interviews of the following landscape architects are available (click on the link to hear the recordings).



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