Diversity & Equity

UPDATE – September 10th, 2020

TASK FORCE ESTABLISHED: The CSLA Board established the Equity and Diversity Task Force. The objective of the task force will be to create an action plan for the CSLA. Read about the task force and contact Michelle Legault if you are interested in volunteering.

DIVERSITY SURVEY IN DEVELOPMENT: The CSLA is partnering with the OALA, BCSLA, AALA and MALA to distribute a national diversity survey to give us a picture of diversity in the profession. The survey was distributed to members on October 9, 2020. If you are a CSLA member and have not received the survey link, please contact Katherine Velluso.

STATEMENT ON DIVERSITY APPROVED: The Board approved the CSLA statement on diversity and equity in the profession. Learn more

The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects condemns discrimination and all forms of racism that permeate our society.

We believe that inclusion is a priority of utmost importance not only to society as a whole but to the profession of landscape architecture. One of the core values of the Canadian Landscape Charter is to Consider All People.

Recent events remind us there is much to be done and much to be done urgently. For me, it is also a reminder that we all have the responsibility to act to effect positive change. Let's be part of the solution to create a just society.

The CSLA is currently working on several initiatives to promote anti-racist advocacy in our organization, including the following: 

1. The CSLA has engaged the provincial, regional and territorial component associations and the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation in the discussion of equity and diversity in the profession

2. The CSLA has joined a cross-disciplinary discussion with other organizations from related professions

3. The CSLA has added equity and diversity to its draft Strategic Plan, which is slated for approval at the Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday, June 18th.

Michelle Legault, CSLA Executive Director


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