How can I record a change of address with the CSLA and my component association?

You can update your contact information with your primary component association. Each jurisdiction then provides the CSLA with the updated information.

How do I become a member of the CSLA?

Membership in the CSLA is obtained by first gaining membership to a CSLA Component Association. Once you become a member of a component association, you are automatically enrolled in CSLA membership.

I would like to work as a landscape architect in Canada. How do I go about doing this?

First, you must decide in which province you would like to work and live, and then you must seek membership with that province's Component Association. Depending on your education and experience, there may be different requirements for membership.

How can I find a landscape architect or a firm?

Certain component organizations have directories where you can find this information. See the links below:

CSLA | AAPC 12 Forillon Crescent, Ottawa ON K2M 2W5