Human Health & Well-Being

CSLA's Human Health and Well-Being Committee is proud to release The Power of Nature for Mental Health and Well-Being

Landscape architects impact public health through the stewardship of nature and the design of the built environment

CLICK HERE to download "The Power of Nature for Mental Health and Well-Being" by Maude Dubois and Camille Plourde-Lescelleur, on behalf of the CSLA's Committee on Human Health and Well-Being

ChildrenMany urban landscapes in North America were built when infectious diseases were the largest societal burden and germ theory was within its infancy. These conditions  led to a fundamental change in our understanding of disease and the benefits of nature and outdoor spaces. Large parks provide, amongst others:

  • fresh air;
  • stress relief;
  • access to ‘green’; and 
  • reprieve from conditions which can perpetuate the spread and growth of infectious disease. 

Today, we face rapid environmental changes and an epidemic of non-communicable diseases with risk factors including physical inactivity, air pollution, mental health issues and unhealthy diets. Once again, landscape architects possess the skills to positively impact the natural and built environments to address public health issues.  We hold an exciting, yet challenging, opportunity to make a real difference in the health and well-being of the people in the communities in which we practice.

One of the roles of the CSLA’s Human Health and Well-Being Committee is to provide resources to further our collective knowledge regarding the impact of our practice on public health. A series of white papers on specific topics will follow this introduction. These papers will provide a brief overview of the topic and highlight resources to pursue further.

- The CSLA Human Health and Well-Being Committee

IFLA Declaration on Ecological and Community Health

The International Federation of Landscape Architects has released a declaration on Ecological and Community Health in support of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all ages.

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Committee Activities and Initiatives

Since its founding in early 2021, the Human Health and Well-Being Committee has:

  1. Developed its Terms of Reference and received CSLA Board approval on the TOR
  2. Undertook an environmental scan of literature and research in health and its relation to the profession

Committee Members:

  • Michael Williamson (Co-chair)
  • Landon Black (Co-chair)
  • Alan Dabrowski
  • Camille Plourde-Lescelleur
  • Komal Patel
  • Peggy Chi
  • Hope Parnham (CSLA Manager, Advocacy and Strategic Affairs)

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