Code of Professional Conduct for CSLA Members

The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) is a membership based organization. The membership is comprised of regular members, life members and honorary members as specified in the bylaws. The majority of members are individuals who are active in the profession of landscape architecture. It is important for all members that the landscape architect profession be seen by the public to be a profession which is trustworthy, is a positive advocate for environmental sustainability, and healthy communities. It is for these reasons that this code of professional practice has been developed to outline the expectations of professional conduct by members.

The respect afforded a profession is earned through the conduct of individual members of the profession. It is difficult to codify all elements that members should observe to meet the necessary level of professional conduct. However it is the general expectation that members will strive to do what is right for the protection of the integrity, image and good reputation of the profession of landscape architecture.

Approved by the CSLA Board of Directors on September 23rd, 2014

In accepting membership to CSLA, all individuals agree to abide by this Code of Professional Conduct.

This code is administered by the Board of Directors of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects.

The following provides the principles which members are expected to honour in creating a positive view of the profession by the public and clients.


General Principles

  • A member is expected to conduct their business or their employment as a landscape architect in a manner which is honest, legal, and which demonstrates financial propriety, and sound business practices.
  • A member is expected to only undertake assignments which are within their capability and competence.
  • A member is expected to maintain their professional knowledge in the field through demonstrated ongoing learning.
  • A member is expected to familiarize him/herself with the CSLA’s guiding documents and governance.

Working respectfully with others

  • A member is expected to be respectful of the roles, efforts, and opinions of others, and work positively with others involved in a project or engaged by a client.
  • A member is expected to work without conflict of interest in an assignment and to be transparent with respect to real or perceived competing demands or interests. 
  • A member is expected to show respect for the work of other landscape architects and advise and consult as appropriate when approached by a client where work was undertaken by another landscape architect.  
  • A member is expected to handle concerns relating to another member’s work in a dignified manner respecting the other member’s reputation and that of the profession and follow an appropriate process to express concerns.

Working in respect of the profession

  • A member is expected not accept work which contravenes the principles and integrity of landscape architecture.
  • A member is expected conduct him/herself in such a manner that does not impair or cause damage to the reputation of the profession.


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