How can you advocate for the profession of landscape architecture?

1. Read the tips in the blue box

2. Celebrate World Landscape Architecture Month

3. Learn about the issues:

- Climate Change

- Reconciliation and Landscape Architecture

- Tri-Council Funding

- and more... (scroll down)

4. Read the CSLA's Federal Standing Committee on Finance Standing Committee Budget Recommendations

5. Check out the tools in the CSLA's Federal Election Toolkit

FIND OPPORTUNITIES to speak to related professionals and the public

ADD VALUE to a project by offering the point of view of a landscape architect

USE SOCIAL MEDIA to publish your message, or join a social media campaign

GET ON BOARD with your municipal campaigns to improve the livability of your city 

MEET WITH YOUR MP to discuss the profession

CELEBRATE the awards you or your colleagues receive and create a buzz around projects

IDENTIFY ISSUES by asking 'how will this affect the profession' and share those issues with the CSLA Board members or the Executive Director

Below, you will find resources for planning and implementing advocacy initiatives which promote the profession of landscape architecture in your community, your province and across the country.

NEW! CSLA's Livable Communities Brief

Download the CSLA's Livable Communities document, which illustrates how landscape architecture makes our communities more livable.

How to Use this Document

CSLA Members can use the Livable Communities brief to:

  • present the profession when meeting with related professions
  • advocate for the profession at municipal, provincial and federal levels of government
  • inform clients on the benefits of the profession

Download the brief here...

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