Two of the three key pillars of the CSLA’s 2021-23 Strategic Plan are to raise the profile of the profession, and advocate for and support issues of importance to the profession.

These pillars reflect the challenges and opportunities for the profession of landscape architecture in Canada. As such, the CSLA encourages all members to participate in advocating for the profession. 

Use the resources in this toolkit to help achieve our common advocacy goals

How to engage with your local Member of Parliament

Doing this is simple and takes only a few simple steps, staring with a phone call or e-mail. When you make contact, introduce yourself as a constituent and provide some context for your contact. Here are some tips:

In writing:

  • If you are contacting the candidate in writing and you expect a reply, clearly indicate so in your email or letter.

In person meetings:

  • Write them an email indicating that you would like to meet to introduce them to the profession of landscape architecture. 
  • Set a time to meet. If you like, go with a colleague.
  • Prepare a draft agenda for the meeting to aid discussion and flow of the meeting. Pick a subject you are comfortable introducing Climate, Reconciliation, Resource Management, Urban Design etc. The point is, talk about something you are familiar with. An agenda could follow this example: a) Introductions, b) What is the CSLA, c) What is landscape architecture, d) Overview of the issue you wish to discuss and e) Presentation of relevant documents
  • Make sure you get a photo and share it with the CSLA via e-mail or social media. 
  • Leave some documents behind, such as a copy of LP Magazine, the Canadian Landscape Charter, the climate change position paper, the reconciliation statement, the Nature-based Solutions by Design brief, and more.

Finally, tell us when you've had the meeting, and share a few sentences about it along with the photo by email at or tag us on Facebook.

Connecting with Members of Parliament can be done in a formal way through a community organization you are aligned with; on behalf of a CSLA Committee; or you can connect with your Member of Parliament as an individual. 

Yearly Recommendations to the Standing Committee on Finance Pre-Budget Consultations

CSLA Submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance for 2022 Promotes Stronger Canadian Communities through Green Investment and Healthy Landscape Innovation

Read the CSLA's Recommendations to the Standing Committee on Finance for important messages about the profession.

2021 Submission to the National Infrastructure Assessment

Consult the CSLA's submission to the National Infrastructure Assessment (2021) for important messaging about how the profession can contribute to our national infrastructure.

Liveable Communities Brief

Use the CSLA's Livable Communities brief, which illustrates how landscape architecture makes our communities more livable and use the brief to:

  • present the profession when meeting with related professions
  • advocate for the profession at municipal, provincial and federal levels of government
  • inform clients on the benefits of the profession
Nature-Based Solutions by Design Brief

Nature-based Solutions (NbS) provide society with powerful alternatives to challenges posed by climate change, biodiversity loss, food security and accessibility to clean water.  Use the Nature Based Solutions by Design brief to:

  • present the profession when meeting with related professions
  • advocate for the profession at municipal, provincial and federal levels of government
  • inform clients on the benefits of the profession
Professional Positions and Statements on Issues
The Value of the Profession

Learn more about the economic benefits of the profession. In 2015, the CSLA commissioned a study that provides an analysis of the social and economic impacts of the landscape architecture industry and profession in Canada. Note: the CSLA is in the process of updating this study for 2022.

Media Toolkit

Link to the CSLA's Media Toolkit for resources on how to advocate for the profession in the media

Communicate How the Profession Enhances Communities
Additional Resources

1. Dashboard Data about the Profession and the CSLA

2. Landscapes | Paysages Magazine

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