Adaptation Primers

The Adaptation Primers are just that – introductory books that provide basic information on the most complex challenge facing decision-makers in this first half of the 21st century.  

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The CSLA would like to thank Colleen S. L. Mercer Clarke and Alexander J. Clarke for authoring and agreeing to share this tremendous tool with the wider public as a free download on the CSLA website.

Landscape architecture focuses on the relationship between the natural and the built environment.  As we move towards an uncertain future, our methods for understanding that relationship must shift from reliance on what we know about our environment, to what we can anticipate for the future.  It is our job, our responsibility, to ensure that the communities we serve are moving to reduce their contributions to greenhouse gas emissions, to prepare for disaster, and to ensure their sustainable future.  It is our generation of landscape architects who must now and often, advocate for conserving ecosystems and transforming society. 

Note that, at this time, the Primers are available in English only.

Primer One summarizes current science on climate change, and what it means for Canada. 

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Primer Two focuses on framing policy and planning approaches to mitigation and adaptation with special emphasis on building resilience, designing for positive transformation, and ensuring sustainability in ecosystems and societies.  

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Primer Three provides an overview of the opportunities to create resilient communities that enhance public well-being, integrate nature, and ensure a prosperous future.  

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Primer Four focuses on the options for response to rising waters, ranging from persisting in place to migration to better circumstances.   

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