Order of Precedence for Title Designations

The following guidelines provide full (regular) members with guidance on the order of precedence for their various designations. These designations should follow a comma after their full name:

  1. Education: Write the acronym of your highest degree only.
  2. Provincial, Territorial or Regional Designations: Should be written in the order you received them. These titles should always be written the same way in English and French: APALA, AAPQ, OALA, MALA, AALA, SALA, BCSLA, NuALA, NWTALA.
  3. National Titles / Acronyms: The CSLA designation should always be translated: CSLA in English and AAPC in French. 
  4. CSLA Fellowship: All CSLA Fellows should use the FCSLA designation in place of the CSLA designation. The FCSLA designation should follow the provincial, territorial or regional designations. The FCSLA designation should always be translated: FCSLA in English and AAAPC in French.
  5. International / Acronyms: Such as IFLA.
  6. Other Designations: Such as LEED or P. Eng.

For example, a member who graduated with an MLA, who was licensed in Ontario in 2015, then received reciprocity in Alberta in 2017 and NuALA in 2019, and was also an engineer, the person would use the following:

First Name Last Name, MLA, OALA, AALA, NuALA, CSLA, P. Eng.

Guide for the Wearing of Decorations and Medals

This short guide is designed to demystify the wearing of insignia, and to help CSLA Members wear their insignia appropriately. 

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(Photo: Sophie Beaudoin, AAPQ, CSLA, 2020 Class of Fellows)

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