Canadian Landscape Standard

Launch of the second edition of the Canadian Landscape Standard

Completely revised and enhanced, the CLS is an indispensable tool to the success of any landscape project that is designed, built and maintained to this nationally recognized standard. 

Based on the highly successful British Columbia Landscape Standard, the CLS has been in use since the first edition launched in 2016. It is a single, authoritative resource for landscape construction projects across Canada. The CLS is a national guideline which establishes the standard of landscape work in every province across the country. Most importantly, the CLS supports sustainable design, green infrastructure and climate adaptation.

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Good planning, building and maintenance of gardens and spaces is critical to protecting your investment in green infrastructure from the roots up. 

The Canadian Landscape Standard is a resource which defines good landscape construction practices. It should be used by land developers, parks staff, landscape architects, landscape contractors and the building industry. 

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The Canadian Landscape Standard shows your clients that your work meets a nationally recognized standard. Download the Canadian Landscape Standard logo and include it in your proposals. 

Logo Disclaimer: The Canadian Landscape Standard (CLS) logo, available on this site, is the property of the CNLA and CSLA. You are authorized to download, print and include the logo in your work if you have purchased and are referencing the CLS. The CLS logo must not be modified, reproduced for purposes other than those noted above, or used in any manner likely to diminish its commercial value.

About the Canadian Landscape Standard

The Canadian Nursery Landscape Association and the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) joined forces to create a new tool that sets guidelines for landscape construction projects across Canada. The Canadian Landscape Standard is intended for use by anyone who specifies, designs, builds or maintains landscape work.  Using the highly successful BC Landscape Standard as a basis for the Canadian version, the standard is a national document, with regional supplements.

The Canadian Landscape Standard shows your clients that your work meets a nationally recognized standard.  Industry will be able to refer to the standard during the bid process.  It is intended to be user-friendly, available in both hard copy and digital formats.  The Canadian Landscape Standard will be a living document that will continually be reviewed and updated to remain current.  A subscription will keep users updated as new sections are available and revisions are made.

CNLA and CSLA would like to recognize the BC Landscape Standard Committee, consisting of volunteers from the BC Landscape & Nursery Association, and BC Society of Landscape Architects, who worked diligently over the last 20 years to create the BC Landscape Standard, and who allowed the BC document to be adopted nationally.  A legacy page in the Canadian Landscape Standard acknowledges their immeasurable contribution to this new document.  A national committee consisting of representatives of CNLA and CSLA has put in many hours to ensure that the Canadian Landscape Standard is a tool that can be used across the country.  In addition, many reviewers across the country examined specific sections in depth to ensure national application.

CLS Steering Committee


Ron Koudys (Central)
Tim Murray (Atlantic)
Natasa Juck (Western)
Nastaran Moradinejad (Britsh Columbia)
Darlene Myrie and Michelle Legault (National)


Jack Payne (Western)
Mike Mills (British Columbia)
Christene LeVatte (National)
Paul Doornbos (Central)

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