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Call for Nominations: 2022 Class of Fellows

Submissions must be received by e-mail before 4 p.m. ET January 14th, 2022. Late or incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

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Date: April 21, 2022 | Time: 2 pm ET

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About the CSLA College of Fellows

Induction to the College of Fellows is one of the highest honours the Society bestows on its members.  Candidates for Fellowship may be nominated by individuals through their CSLA component association. 

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Members eligible for nomination for Fellowship are landscape architects with at least twelve continuous years as full members of CSLA.  They also should be recognized as having made outstanding contributions to the profession through excellence in:

  • Executed works of landscape architecture,
  • Administrative professional work in public agencies or government service,
  • Professional university instruction,
  • Professional writing,
  • Service to the community or the public, on behalf of the profession, and
  • Direct service to the CSLA.

A jury of five Fellows, representing regions across Canada, will select the new Fellows based on extensive submissions documenting each candidate’s contributions to the profession. 

Since the inception of the CSLA's College of Fellows in 1964, only 260 members have been given the prestigious designation “FCSLA”, making it a true distinction and honour conferred by the Society.

College of Fellows Governance Documents

Terms of Reference for the Chair

Terms of Reference for the Secretary

Protocol and Procedures for the CSLA Fellows Investiture Ceremony 

By-laws for the Conduct of the College

College of Fellows Conflict of Interest Policy

Order of Precedence for Title Designations

Executive Committee of the College of Fellows


Peter Briggs, NWTALA, FCSLA

Vice Chair

Gordon Smith, APALA, FCSLA

Past Chair

Alan Duncan, BCSLA, FCSLA


Wendy Shearer, OALA, FCSLA

Brief History of the College

Election to fellowship first began in 1964 with the designation of four honourees. In the subsequent 15 years over 30 members had been elected, eliciting demand for a more formalized structure and process to the promotion of fellowship. It was at CSLA Congress 1979 in Charlottetown that the College of Fellows was formally established and the Rules for the Conduct of Operations were adopted. The rules structured and outlined the operation of the College, and developed guidelines for the advancement of members to Fellowship.

In accordance with the Rules for the Conduct of Operations, nominations for Fellowship may be presented to the College by the component organizations and/or the Board of Directors of the CSLA. The final selection is made by a jury of Fellows, comprised of representatives from Canada’s regions. The Fellows-Elect are then ceremoniously inducted into the College during the banquet or other special event of the next CSLA Congress. These funds are used to promote the ideals of the profession of landscape architecture through research and scholarship grants, firmly establishing the Foundation as a significant force in the future of the landscape architectural profession in Canada. Since the inception of CSLA, a total of 237 Fellows have been elected.

Chairs | Présidents

1979-84     William E. Coates, OALA
1984-86     E. J. (Jack) Walker, SALA 
1986-87     James R. Taylor, OALA 
1987-89     Douglas D. Paterson, BCSLA 
1989-90     Jack D. Milliken, OALA 
1990-92     Leonard L. Novak, AALA 
1992-94     Ronald F. Williams, AAPQ 
1994-96     Peter G. Klynstra, APALA 
1996-98     Alexander Budrevics, OALA 
1998-00     Don Vaughan, BCSLA 
2000-02     Charles H. Thomsen, MALA 
2002-04     John B. MacLeod, AAPQ 
2004-06     Carolyn S. Woodland, OALA 
2006-08     Ronald J. Middleton, AALA 
2008-10      James Melvin, OALA 
2010-12       Peter Kreuk, BCSLA 
2012-14       Ted Baker, OALA 
2014-16       Wendy Graham, AAPQ 
2016-18       Alan Duncan, BCSLA
2018-20      Linda Irvine, OALA
2020-pr.     Peter Briggs

Jury Foremen | Présidents des jurys

1987-91         Cornelia Oberlander, BCSLA 
1991-93         Charles H. Thomsen, MALA 
1993-97     M. Garry Hilderman, MALA 
1997-00        Vincent Asselin, AAPQ 
2000-02     Jane Durante, BCSLA 
2002-11     Cary C. Vollick, APALA 
2012-16     Margot Long, BCSLA
2017-pr.     Heather Cram, MALA

Secretaries | Secrétaires

1979-89     Owen R. Scott, OALA
1989-91     M. Garry Hilderman, MALA 
1992-08     Gunter A. Schoch, MALA 
2008-15     Jane Durante, BCSLA
2015-pr.    Wendy Shearer, OALA


CSLA | AAPC 12 Forillon Crescent, Ottawa ON K2M 2W5