Urban Canopy

In the Spring of 2020, the Committee on Climate Adaptation formed the Urban Canopy Working Group. As of July, 2020, the working group has established its objectives, which are, to partner with arborists, the Canadian Landscape Standard Steering Committee and other stakeholders, such as the Canadian Forestry 
Service and the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association, to:

  • establish a common definition of 'urban canopy';
  • draft a position paper;
  • prepare content for presentation at the Congress;
  • create a national trees species planting guide;
  • draft a template municipal urban canopy bylaw; and
  • create resources and tools for landscape architects.

The development of tools and guidelines supporting our urban canopy supports many of our associations’, government and global objectives, such as:


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Members of the Workgroup

Nicci Theroux, Chair

Michelle Legault, Ex-Officio

Meredith Mitchell
Adele Pierre
Robert Cram
Patricia Campbell
Jill Yuzwa
Lisa Shkut
Nancy McLean
Elaine Ethier
Maggie Bonnetta
Anna Lawrence
Beverly Sandalack
Michael D. Evans
Adam Vasilevich
Glen Manning
Steve Robinson
Sarah Lynn Saari
Jihany Hassun
Vanessa Aykroyd
Miyo Takeda
Caylee Dyck
Maryam Sabzevari
Jill Hestbak
Tara Coley 
Isabelle Giasson
Leila Todd 
Rachel Fraser
Katharine Walker
Danielle Larocque
Stephen Lovering 
Katherine Peck 
Véronique Faille
Alex Bartlett 
Iseult Séguin Aubé 
Bhavana Bonde 
Nell Gasiewicz 
Ted Radlak 
Christine Haylock 
Jill Robertson 
Doug Carlyle 
Tina George 
Gary Zhang 
Pierre Bouchard
Rajinder Singh 
Mike Light 
Erika Mashig 
Lisa Mactaggart 
Gavin Wyman 
Lynda Rybinski
Christine Madison 
Craig Willett
Richard Bradt

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