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Generations, vol 26, no. 1

"At our next milestone, I hope we can look back and see leaders in our profession staying ahead of their time. I hope that we can reflect kindness, generosity and respect – that we can stay eager to share our passions with others, celebrate collaboration and mentorships, and that these mentorships can turn into friendships over time. I hope that we can all find ways to follow our passions and not back down from the values we believe in and that guide us." - Heidi Redman

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Summer 2024 | Awards of Excellence
Deadline: March 25

Fall 2024 | Decarbonize Design
Deadline: May 13

Winter 2024 | Future (a student-led issue)
Deadline: August 12

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Landscapes|Paysages Editorial Board Members

Ryan Wakshinski, Chair, MALA, CSLA
Laurie Blake, Managing Editor
Cameron DeLong, CSLA Board Champion, NuALA, CSLA
Luc Deniger, AALA, CSLA
Iseult Séguin-Aubé, AAPQ, CSLA
Matt Williams, AALA, CSLA
Jonathan Cha, AAPQ, CSLA
Blake Creamer, APALA, CSLA
Kevin Fraser, BCSLA, CSLA
Taylor LaRocque, MALA, CSLA
Heidi Redman, NuALA, CSLA
Tim Edwards, NWTALA
Linda Irvine, OALA, FCSLA
Cindi Rowan, OALA, CSLA
Faye Langmaid, SALA, FCSLA
Blake Creamer, APALA, CSLA

Student Interns: Kulsum Fatima and Jennifer Qian Wan

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