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technology, vol. 23, no. 1

In this Technology issue, we look at how technology is changing our design process, our construction approach, our palette of materials and the expectations of society for greater communication of design intent. We also explore the potential for technology to disrupt our profession, as it is doing with so many others.

The tools of the future will allow us to create robust simulation capabilities to measure the impacts of our proposals on microclimate, ecological health, hydrology and even social well-being. Join our contributors as they delve into the merging worlds of landscape architecture and technology! 

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Call for Submissions - Waters' Edge (Fall 2021)

In this issue, we want to explore and expose the thoughts and experiences of Landscape Architects as they include shorelines in their work, from a policy as well as a design perspective. We want to provide readers with an insight to those sensitive considerations, for instance:

  1. Have you designed for an ocean front or a freshwater landscape in recent years? 
  1. Do you admire a sensitively integrated waterfront design?
  1. How did the adjacency affect your design considerations or your experience? 

We invite your submissions! Click the link below for our contact information – drop us a line with your idea/thoughts/abstracts and we’ll get in touch to discuss how we can consider your material in an issue that promises to be exciting and thought-provoking.

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LP Editorial Board Members

Jean Trottier, Chair, MALA, CSLA
Cameron DeLong, CSLA Board Champion, NuALA, CSLA
Douglas Carlyle, AALA, FCSLA
Luc Deniger, AALA, CSLA
Marilou Champagne, AAPQ, CSLA
Robert LeBlanc, APALA, FCSLA
Kevin Fraser, BCSLA, CSLA
Ryan Wakshinski, MALA, CSLA
Heidi Redman, NuALA, CSLA
Tim Edwards, NWTALA
Linda Irvine, OALA, FCSLA
Joanne Moran, OALA, FCSLA
Faye Langmaid, SALA, FCSLA




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