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The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) is a non-profit, national members-based professional organization. It is dedicated to advancing the art, the science and the practice of landscape architecture. On behalf of over 3,200 landscape architects and landscape architecture students, the CSLA:

Our Vision

A highly performing landscape architecture profession that is valued at all levels of government and society, with enhanced abilities to transform landscapes for our common future and build linkages between a healthy and sustainable environment and thriving communities. 

Our Mission

To provide support and resources to our members, advocate for the profession, to provide solutions facing current and future challenges, and demonstrate the value of landscape architecture. 

Since it was founded in 1934, the CSLA has increased awareness and appreciation of landscape architecture and the vitality of the profession in Canada and throughout the world.

The CSLA is dedicated to advancing the art, the science and the practice of landscape architecture.

What is landscape architecture?

Landscape Architecture is the design profession concerned with the design, planning, management and stewardship of the land. The work of landscape architects touches the design of outdoor public areas, landmarks and structures. The goal is to achieve environmental, social or aesthetically pleasing spaces by investigating existing social, ecological and geological conditions in the landscape. The work of landscape architects is all around us in the form and function of the land: the work often touches on urban design, site planning, storm water management, urban planning, restoration, parks and recreation planning, green infrastructure planning and private or residential master planning and design.

Those who practice the profession of landscape architecture are called “landscape architects”.


Read the International Federation of Landscape Architects' official definition of a landscape architect


Our Values

Advance the Profession

The CSLA is committed to building professional stature, and promoting innovation through creative expertise, design ingenuity and research advancement. The CSLA identifies opportunities to advance the profession and develops strategies to respond to contemporary challenges facing our rich natural environment and public realm. The CSLA seeks opportunities to work with components and partner organizations in the fulfillment of its role.

Lead by Example

The CSLA operates in a manner which promotes stewardship and environmental sustainability through its advocacy, internal operations, programs, and activities. The CSLA recognizes the importance of applying an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) perspective in all aspects of our work.

Govern in a Fiscally Responsible Manner

The CSLA is accountable to its membership for the programs it provides, their effectiveness and costs. It operates with honesty and integrity in a manner which is fiscally responsible and maintains a long-term view of its financial obligations. 

How to become a CSLA Member

Membership in the CSLA is obtained by joining a provincial, territorial or regional component association. Advanced education, professional work experience and in some cases passing a professional entrance exam are the requirements to become a member of a component association. 

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