Climate Change

Nature-Based Solutions by Design

Nature-based Solutions (NbS) provide society with powerful alternatives to challenges posed by climate change, biodiversity loss, food security and accessibility to clean water.  

Recognizing how fast environments are changing in today’s world, landscape architects often seek the newest science at a scale relevant to their work through constructive partnerships with scientists working in governments, academia, and international organizations.  In doing so, we ensure that our profession operates on the best of current knowledge, and that we are capable and informed on changing priorities, policies, and best practices.

Read the CSLA's Nature-Based Solutions by Design brief

The Nature-Based Solutions by Design brief works hand in hand with the CSLA's Liveable Communities brief. Together, they make the case for our profession. Read the CSLA's Liveable Communities brief

CSLA CC Position Paper (1)_Page_1.jpgCSLA's Position Paper on Climate Adaptation

Resilient, Transformative and Sustainable: A Positive Approach to a Changing Future

Climate is changing, local weather patterns are becoming more extreme, and the collective actions of humans have had a significant influence on these changes. The CSLA believes that by working across environmental and cultural systems, landscape architects are uniquely positioned to engage professions, industries and governments in new alliances better equipped to innovatively address complex social and ecological problems and to fully express the opportunities inherent in principles of equity, sustainability, resiliency and democracy. Read the CSLA's Position Paper on Climate Adaptation

Volume 1 Cover.jpgThe Adaptation Primers

Introductory books that provide basic information on the most complex challenge facing decision-makers in this first half of the 21st century.  

Read the Adaptation Primers to learn more about this global challenge.

Steps to Help Landscape Architects Plan and Design for the New Climate

Learn about the Nine steps to help you plan and design for the new climate

IFLA's Climate Actions

IFLA Climate Action Commitment

In September 2021, the CSLA Board of Directors endorsed the IFLA Climate Action Commitment which commits the profession to a series of strategies to limit planetary warming to 1.5 degrees C. Learn more about the action commitment here

IFLA Declares a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency

September, 2019 - The International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) has declared a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency at the IFLA World Congress in Oslo, Norway. The move comes following the unanimous support of the 77 voting nations and it maps out an action plan of what IFLA will do in response to the issues the globe is facing. Learn more

Canadian Landscape Architects Support the International Global Accord: Adaptation for a Changing World

Ottawa – November 29th, 2018– As of November 9th, 2018, the nine regional, provincial and territorial associations that comprise the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) have ratified the International Federation of Landscape Architects’ (IFLA) historic Global Accord on adaptation for a changing world. The Canadian was the first national association to ratify the Accord, and is also the first to have completed ratification by all its regional, provincial and territorial components. Read the press release

CSLA Signs a Joint Statement on Advancing Integrated Climate Action

December 18th, 2018 - A joint statement was signed by the following national professional associations and endorsed by national municipal climate resources provider, ICLEI Canada, in support of advancing LCR in and across their respective fields:

  • Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA)
  • Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP)
  • Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC)
  • Canadian Water & Wastewater Association (CWWA)

Read the Press Release and Read the statement

Committee on Climate Adaptation Members

Jane Welsh, Chair
Hope Parnham
Bev Windjack
Jim Thomas
Jeff Frank
Miriam Mutton
Nicolette Theroux
Ben Watt-Meyer
Linda Dicaire
Michelle Legault (ex-officio)

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