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For more than 35 years, Equiparc has been helping to make public spaces more beautiful by manufacturing street furniture that goes way beyond the utilitarian.  
Our standard and custom-built Street Furnishings manufactured with a selection of recycled, sustainable and lasting materials provides a visual signature to public spaces worthy of the greatest landscape architecture projects. 

We offer Urban Furniture developed in partnership with renowned designers and landscape architects, as well as custom-built Site Furnishings specifically designed for your projects.  
Each of our benches, picnic tables, waste and recycling receptacles, planters and bike racks is created to harmoniously accentuate any public spaces.

Site Furniture created to inspire, built to last. 
Our knowledge concerning the level of resistance of materials and fabrication techniques enables you to give life to your ideas with the assurance of a remarkable Site Furniture that withstands the harshest weather conditions as well as high-traffic environments.  

We only use the highest density wood species, recycled and infinitely recyclable aluminum, hot dipped galvanized steel, no V.O.C. fumes powder coated paint, stainless steel anchors as well as ultra-resistant 100% recycled plastic.  
Our materials are carefully selected and tested in order to meet the highest expectation of durability.

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Brampton Brick and Oaks Landscape Product – Your ONE Trusted Source

Architecture plays a very important role in the evolution of society, and we are proud to say our company is constantly evolving.  Brampton Brick Limited, collectively Brampton Brick and Oaks Landscape Products, has forged a reputation as an integrated masonry and hardscape products manufacturer.

To be a single source for quality, durability and long lasting style, we focus on developing products that work well together.  We take into consideration the colours, textures, sizes and shapes that have a significant impact on how space is perceived. 

It’s also the trust our customers place in us that keeps us focused on our goal; to lead the way in innovation, affordability and lifetime satisfaction.  We are devoted to engineering masonry and landscape materials that stimulate an instant response.  When you see homes, driveways, backyard living spaces, commercial buildings or beautifully landscaped public spaces, you see Brampton Brick products.





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