Virtual Field Sessions

Take part in these Virtual Field Sessions and tour sites to learn how nature-based solutions influenced these projects. Each field session will have a 10-15 min recorded tour of the site, followed by an interactive question and answer period with presenters.

CSLA and OALA thank Fotenn for sponsoring our Virtual Field Sessions

DAY 1 - Thursday, May 27, 2021 - moderator Doug Fountain

  Ottawa River South Shore Park: restoring habitat 
  and flood resiliency

   Presented by Susan Fisher
   National Capital Commission, Ottawa, ON

   The Ottawa River is the natural and cultural heart of Canada’s
   Capital Region. The video focuses on a 9km Riverfront Park just
   upstream of Ottawa’s urban core. While much of the park was
   built in the 1960’s, the National Capital Commission is revitalizing
   it, enhancing habitat, resilience to floods and other environmental
   changes as well as the public’s connection to the river.

  Sustaining communities through STEAM

   Presented by Chris Hardwicke & Grace Yang
   O2 Planning & Design, Ottawa, ON

   A journey through the Canadian Science and Technology Museum
   Park is a trip through a community space infused with science and
   technology. It embraces the ideas of forward-looking events by
   engaging and delighting visitors and the community, immersing
   them in science and technology experiences, while making no
   demands on learning.

   Courtcliffe Park Restoration

    Presented by Kent Rundle
Conservation Halton, Hamilton, ON

   This 100 acre mixed use community park in the hamlet of Carlisle
   has been the focus of many habitat restoration efforts over the
   past 2 decades in an effort to revitalize the degraded natural
   features. The centrepiece of this community space is the
   confluence of Bronte Creek and Mountsberg Creek and the roughly
   1.5 km of combined stream length, but the parks natural spaces
   also boast forests, meadows, wetlands and ponds.

DAY 2 - Friday, May 28, 2021 - moderator Sarah Marsh

  Pilot Project: Living Laboratory of Landscape

   Presented by Stacey Zonneveld, Morgan Quinn, Pete
   University of Toronto, Missisagua, ON

   A living laboratory is beginning to take root on a light industrial
   site in Mississauga, Ontario, where students are experimenting
   with phytoremediation and landscape regeneration methods. The
   site is currently being monitored and studied as part of an ongoing
   pilot project led by Professor Pete North and his students from the
   University of Toronto’s Master of Landscape Architecture program.

  A Children's Garden Playscape: University of Guelph
  Child Care and Learning Centre

   Presented by Dan Van Haastrecht & Tatiana|
   Earthscape Play, Guelph, ON

   A virtual visit to the playscape at the University of Guelph Child
   Care and Learning Centre (CCLC) sets an aspirational standard for
   children’s outdoor spaces in Canada. Reflecting the latest research
   on child development and the importance of restorative nature 
   connections, the design presents young children with
   opportunities to play and learn in explorative ways, experience
   self-directed risky play, and navigate environments that are rich
   and complex. 

  Maneuvering erratic boundaries: natural, political
  and geographical

   Presented by Dennis Hoffart
City of Calgary, AB

   Take a tour of Eau Claire Plaza and adjoining Bow River Pathway
   and learn about how the project will set a new benchmark for a
   future-proof downtown, emphasizing resiliency, improved
   connectivity, and bolstering public spaces. Hear details on how the
   project will respond to the site’s complexities, and the unique
   opportunity to overhaul the public space, welcoming Calgarians
   with new diverse programming and rejigged governance structure.

DAY 3 - Saturday, May 29, 2021 - moderator Myles Carbert

  Saving Small's Creek

   Presented by Sheila Boudreau (SpruceLab) and
   Matthew Canaran (University of Guelph)
Toronto, ON

   At the end of 2020, the Small's Creek community in the east end
   of Toronto learned that a proposed Metrolinx railway expansion
   would cause irreparable damage to the local wetland complex
   (designated Environmentally Sensitive Area), including removing
   hundreds of trees. This short film was created to raise awareness
   of the issue using the power of storytelling, for the 'Small's Creek
   Love' Youtube channel.

   Meadow Park North: From Quarry to Stormwater

   Presented by Christopher Windjack
LADR Landscape Architects Inc., Victoria, BC

   Royal Bay is a 170ha planned community located on a former
   historic gravel pit site in Colwood, BC. Currently in various phases
   of design and construction, the waterfront community will
   ultimately include 40ha of green space, parks and trails – including
   Meadow Park North, which serves a key role in the stormwater
   management of the development and its surrounding

   Growing into hand-me-down underpasses

   Presented by Michael Magnan
   City of Calgary, AB

   Take a tour of the historic, cultural and geographical influences
   that shaped the past, present and future of the 5th street
   underpass. Find out about the process of growing into our hand
   me-down infrastructure and how integrated artwork,
   placemaking, and natural systems work to reclaim this public
   connector and urban gateway.

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