2023 Congress

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For our Future: Creating Environments for Thriving Communities 

The past three years have been unlike anything experienced in recent history. As a society we have had to adjust and re-adjust to a new normal of pandemic and post pandemic lifestyles. Health and well-being have become an important focal point in our personal lives, businesses, and municipalities. During this unusual time, the industry of landscape architecture has been a key provider in creating spaces for escape and respite. We have been tasked with creating new ways for society to get outside for family fun, for exercise and relaxation, and for the overall wellbeing of communities.

The 2023 CSLA – SALA Congress will explore different ways in which landscape architects design “For Our Future” and in what ways we create environments for people to thrive. Important topics of consideration are health and wellbeing, play and playfulness for all generations, and diversity of landscape and urban design that meet the needs of diverse cultures. We look to our past to make better decisions for our future generations and to create sustainable environments that bring joy and good health into our daily lives. 


    Planning Committee

    Co-chairs: Michelle Tustin and Trevor Tumach

    Tours Committee: Amanda Lang

    Program/Scientific Committee: Stephanie Wilkinson, Christine Bachinsky

    Board Representative: Laureen Snook

    Staff: Michelle Legault (Executive Director), Katherine Velluso (Communications Coordinator)LF

    CSLA | AAPC 12 Forillon Crescent, Ottawa ON K2M 2W5