Lawrence Patterson

Year of Investiture:

Larry earned the BLA degree from the University of Guelph in May 1969 and found immediate employment with Parks Canada. He worked in Calgary until 1972, then in Ottawa until 1974, when he landed in Winnipeg. Larry was accepted as full member of MALA on April 2, 1975 and assigned membership number 11 (the first 9 numbers were reserved for the 1973 charter members), which he still holds today in good standing. 

The year 1976 brought a major career change for Larry, from government services to private practice, when first accepted a position with Haderrnan Fair Wily & Associates A year a so later, he became a partner in the then budding firm of Amisk Planning, which subsequently charged its name to Dunbar Paterson Rose and Associates Ltd. 

Having served as MALA Treasurer for two years, Larry was asked and accepted the Treasurer position at CSLA in 1978. He served very capably and effectively in this position for a number of years. At the same time (around 1978) he became associated with the Lombard North Group and moved to Calgary, only to eventually become the firm’s President. 

Of course, the AALA did also benefit from Larry's presence, as he became its President during 1984/85. In 1988, when the CSLA's financial situation had reached an all time low, Larry was called upon once again to serve as Treasurer. Within a year, the ledger was in the black and the Society still prospers today under his financial guidance. Of course, meanwhile Larry also served as CSLA President (1990/91), in addition to his Treasurer responsibilities. 

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