Jeff Frank

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Executed Works of Landscape Architecture
Service to the Community or the Public on Behalf of the Profession

Jeff Frank grew up in Winnipeg’s north end where he nurtured his love for the outdoors exploring the bio-swales along local railway tracks and crafting structures from construction debris. This interest in landscapes and built form found a home at the University of Manitoba Department of Environmental Studies and subsequently in the Department of Landscape Architecture. Jeff completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies in 1977 and his Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture in 1984. 

Jeff has worked with HTFC Planning and Design since 1981, was a principal with the firm until 2016, and is currently a Senior Advisor. His work ranges in scale from small site planning and development projects to major urban renewal projects and regional planning studies. This work has taken him throughout many regions of Canada including the Prairies, the North and the Boreal, where he acquired an intimate knowledge of the diverse people, cultures, places, landscapes and materials of these regions. Clients have included communities, First Nations, governments, institutions and allied professionals. 

Jeff has served the profession in many capacities including as a volunteer lecturer at the University of Manitoba, Departments of Landscape Architecture and City Planning; member and chair of the City of Winnipeg Urban Design Advisory Committee; and a guest speaker on regional scale landscapes. He has also shared his knowledge of landscape architecture, planning and business as a volunteer and board member with numerous community organizations. He currently serves on the CSLA Committee on Climate Adaptation.

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