Danièle Routaboule

Year of Investiture:

Danièle Routaboule is one of the pioneers of landscape architecture in Quebec. A founding member of the AAPQ, she was successively advisor, secretary and president. She participated with Douglas Harper in the development of the School of Landscape Architecture at the University of Montreal and became a Fellow of the CSLA in 1983. Her career includes numerous projects in private practice in the offices of Georges Robert in Trois-Rivières and La Haye et Robert in Montreal. Her landscape work throughout Quebec and New Brunswick is diverse, ranging from the urban to the regional, and represents an important record of the early profession and history of landscape architecture in this country.  During this period, she also participated in the elaboration of a dozen master plans in various regions of Quebec, and also worked on vast landscape projects abroad, including France and Senegal.  

From a part-time assistant professor, she became a full-time associate professor and then a full professor at the School of Landscape Architecture of the Université de Montréal. She developed courses in drawing and graphic design, history of garden composition in the twentieth century and contemporary landscape expressions. She is also a visual artist and has developed the relationship between art and landscape in her workshops. She has been a member of numerous committees such as those of Hydro-Quebec Architecture, the Ministry of the Environment, and the Design Committee of the National Capital Commission in Ottawa. Her academic influence has extended to teaching landscape architecture abroad: in England at the School of Landscape architecture of Gloucester, in Chile at INACAP in Santiago, in Mexico at BUAP in Puebla and at LAS AMERICAS in Cholula. She has been a lecturer at UNAM and UAM-X in Mexico City, and at UVC in Caracas, Venezuela. She has also had numerous solo exhibitions in Montreal and Toronto, and digital montages of landscape elements and of changing Montreal and rural landscapes.

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