Landscape Architecture Accreditation Council

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a voluntary, non-governmental system of self-regulation.  At its core is the concept of on-going self assessment and improvement.  The Landscape Architectural Accreditation Council (LAAC) typically conducts evaluations of university programs on a six-year cycle to determine compliance with its published minimum standards and the programs own stated objectives.  Any program leading to a first professional degree at the bachelor’s or master’s level in Canada is eligible to apply for accreditation from LAAC.

Prior to their scheduled re-accreditation reviews, programs are required to conduct self-evaluation studies to assess how well they are meeting their stated educational goals and LAAC standards.  LAAC then assigns a Visiting Evaluation Team to undertake an independent assessment and make a recommendation to the Council.  The LAAC reviews the Visiting Team Report and issues a final accreditation decision.  Programs are also required to submit annual reports noting all significant changes and developments for LAAC review.

About the CSLA's Landscape Architecture Accreditation Council (LAAC)

The LAAC is the body of the Society responsible for accrediting professional university undergraduate and graduate degree programs in landscape architecture in Canada. It is responsible for: appointing teams to undertake accreditation; recruiting and training accreditation team members; reviewing and approving accreditation reports; reviewing and approving annual reports from universities; advising the Board of its decisions; periodically reviewing applicable accreditation standards and procedures, and maintaining contact with the American Society of Landscape Architects’ Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board and other accrediting bodies to ensure consistency of standards.

Fees (as of March 2019)

Annual Sustaining Fee for each Accredited Program: $2,000 
New Program Initial Visit Fee: $5,700
Candidacy Status Application and Initial Visit Fee: $600
Candidacy Status Annual Sustaining Fee: $1,250 
Interim or Early Visit Fee: $1,850 
Delay of Visit Fee: $1,850 

LAAC Members


Heather Cram  MALA, FCSLA


Bernard Saint-Denis, AAPQ, CSLA
Trevor McIntyre, OALA, FCSLA
Ian Wasson,  BCSLA, FCSLA
Jean Trottier,  MALA, CSLA
Barbara Myers, MCIP, RPP

Accreditation Council Policies, Manual and Forms

Manual of Accreditation Standards and Procedures for Programs of Landscape Architectural Education in Canadian Universities and Colleges (2017)

LAAC Visiting Team Evaluator Conflict of Interest Policy and Declaration

Electronic Presentation of Student Work and Review Guidelines

Self-Evaluation Report Format for First-Professional Programs in Landscape Architecture Programs

Report of the Visiting Team to the LAAC

Visiting Team Guidelines

Establishment Dates of Canada's Landscape Architecture Programs

University of Guelph BLA

University of Toronto

Université de Montréal BLA

University of Manitoba MLA

University of Guelph MLA

University of British Columbia BLA

University of British Columbia MLA (BLA phased out)

University of Toronto MLA (BLA phased out)

Université de Montréal BLA (Re-structured  and accreditation discontinued)

Université de Montréal MLA

University of Calgary MLA

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