Wendy Graham

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Executed Works of Landscape Architecture
Service to the Community or the Public on Behalf of the Profession

Wendy Graham was introduced to the profession of landscape architecture at an early age by her practitioner father, Donald W. Graham. After several years of post secondary education at Guelph University, she moved to Montreal and in 1980 graduated (in French) from the school of Landscape Architecture, University of Montreal. 

Wendy has since been an active member of the AAPQ serving briefly on the admissions committee and consistently in the realm of communication (Archi Pays, l’Annuel de Paysage + Landscapes| Paysages). Giving back to the community has been a guiding principle in both her professional and personal practice. As an active member of the town of Mount Royal heritage committee, she co-founded and directed a series of walking tours aimed at fostering a greater public appreciation the town’s unique landscape character (town plan by Frederick Gage Todd) and participated in a successful effort to have TMR recognized as a national heri- tage site. She received the CSLA president’s award (2008) in recognition of her work on LP magazine where she is currently volunteer design consultant, member of the editorial board and occasional guest editor. 

As landscape architect for the city of Montreal since 1982, Wendy has collaborated on complex and diverse projects including: a Master plan for Montreal botanical gardens, McGill College Avenue, Chinatown revitalization plan, Montreal’s Chinese Garden, and numerous planning + design projects for Mount Royal park and the surrounding area (with col- league Daniel Chartier). She was also project coordinator for Montreal Garden in Shanghai (+Claude Cormier) and the Beaver Lake, Mount Royal park artificial ice rink (+Groupe Cardinal Hardy). Many of her works have received national and regional recognition over the years. 

CSLA | AAPC 12 Forillon Crescent, Ottawa ON K2M 2W5