Victor Ford

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Executed Works of Landscape Architecture
Direct Service to the Society

Victor has led his firm for over 35 years on a wide range of award-winning public projects, including master planning, feasibility studies, detailed design and implementation for various trails, park and school ground sites. Along with traditional landscape design work, Victor has been at the forefront of Active Transportation planning and design for both on and off road facilities, and is recognized as a leader in this field. Having developed a unique specialization as a cycling/pedestrian systems expert, he has worked closely with groups advocating for Active Transportation modes, and has provided expert opinion/expert witness for cycling related lawsuits.

Victor has directed the quality design of approximately 200 playground areas and sports fields, scores of park projects, and approximately 20 water play facilities, contributing to the physical and mental health of many children. Victor and his firm’s excellent reputation is demonstrated by being included for many years in the short list of preferred Landscape Architects for the Toronto District School Board, City of Toronto, City of Brampton, and City of Brantford.

Victor was one of a small group of Landscape Architects who worked together in the 1980’s to establish the SALA. He has been an active volunteer with the OALA for more than 30 years, and served as Co-chair of the Continuing Education Committee from 2004-2014. When he is not shaping Canadian landscapes, Victor is a keen world traveller and explores landscapes and cultures around the globe.

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