Richard Gaudreau

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Direct Service to the Society

Richard Gaudreau completed his degree in landscape architecture (1979), and his masters in environmental development (1983), at the “Université de Montréal”. Throughout his career, he strives to extend the limits of traditional practice to incorporate the paradigms of landscape architecture into decision making processes. He is mainly involved in urban and regional planning and interested the development of landscape computer applications. He contributes in adapting visual analysis to environmental impact assessments and helped pioneer the use of satellite imagery in open space planning. He helped establish a Biosphere reserve in West Africa, was involved in local development projects and more recently, as a senior advisor to Economic Development Canada for Québec regions.

His contributions to the advancement of the profession have ranged from his presidency of the AAPQ in the mid-eighties to his restructuring work as president of the CSLA in 1989-90. During subsequent engagements with the AAPQ, Richard produced several studies and documents on the future of the profession, ethics and deontology and intellectual property. In keeping with these concerns, he participated in the AAPQ's admission and continuing education committees, as well as in the reshaping of the ”Université de Montréal” professional program.

In naming Richard Gaudreau to the College of Fellows, we recognize countless contributions of consistent quality by one whose distinguished presence has elevated the level of debate, concern and vision in all of the roles and offices he has accepted, over the last forty years.

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