Philip W. Tattersfield

Year of Investiture:

Tattersfield, Philip, Landscape Architect, founder B.C. Chapter American Institute of Landscape Architects 1959, subsequently the B.C. Society of Landscape Architects, incorporated under the Society Act April 1964. Initiated the legal process which resulted in the Architects' (Landscape) Act April 1968. Member President's Advisory Committee leading to the academic programme at the University of British Columbia. Former Secretary, now Fellow, Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, member American Society of Landscape Architects 1978, national delegate to International Federation of Landscape Architects 1975-85, and U.N. Conference on Human Settlement 1975. Elected to Royal Canadian Academy of Arts 1978. Apprenticeship in United Kingdom preceded war service in Africa, Middle East and Europe 1939-46. Established practice in Vancouver 1952, working throughout North America, East and West Africa, and Caribbean, with emphasis on the leadership of the profession in urban design, land reclamation. parks and recreational projects, industrial and commercial development, campus planning, highway corridors, flood plain potential, and human settlement under subsistence fanning in Kenya, Cote d'Ivoire and Virgin Islands. Some 150 publications, briefs, lectures and television series cover both philosophical and technical aspects of practice. Major interests are the intellectual basis of the design process, the search for an environmental ethic, and the balancing of society's needs with environmental quality. 

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