Michele Gauthier

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Executed Works of Landscape Architecture

Mme. Michèle Gauthier graduated from the University of Montreal with a B.L.A. degree in 1982 and has been a member of both the AAPQ and the CSLA since 1989. She served on the AAPQ board of directors from 1997 to 2000 and since then on AAPQ's admission and communication committees. She is a sought after, inspiring speaker at numerous conferences and forums on landscape architecture, urban design and urban planning. 

During her work with the Groupe d'intervention urbaine de Montréal in 1983 and the Groupe Cardinal-Hardy since 1987, where she is now a partner, Michèle has become one of the finest urban designers in Quebec. Working with multidisciplinary teams and through her professionalism, sincerity and innovative approach, her projects have won numerous distinctions and awards. Some of her best known urban design successes are the Old Port of Montreal, Lighting design for Old Montreal, Place d'Youville and Lacoursière Park on Nun's Island, which bear eloquent witness to the creative wealth of her work. She also taught at Montreal University's School of Landscape Architecture from 1993 to 2001 and, as in all her projects, has brought energetic enthusiasm that is contagious and inspiring to all she meets. 

Michèle's projects, articles, lectures and contributions are noteworthy, pertinent and inspiring. She does not accept compromise, but strives for and attains excellence. Her practice of landscape architecture is intense, her devotion to the profession eloquent and her projects are testimony to this excellence. It is a pleasure, indeed, to invite Michèle Gauthier into the College of Fellows.

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