Michael Hough

Year of Investiture:

Trained as an architect and landscape architect, Michael has bridged several professional  disciplines to bring a new view to urban design and site planning. He has tirelessly mentored  staff for 40 years through the consulting practice, his involvement with students at the  University of Toronto and the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University where he  has taught, and through community efforts and volunteer leadership.  

Over the years, he led a movement of design thinking that has evolved into a foundation for  today's urban agenda for healthier built communities and natural systems. In addition to his  writings and award winning research, Michael has left a legacy of landmark design projects which form anchors in the urban environment.  

Michael has focused his career on landscape ecology and the development of healthy livable communities, long before the concepts came to the forefront of planning reform. He continues to teach his ground breaking theories through his writings and  lecturing at York University.  

Michael has worked extensively for the Waterfront Regeneration Trust, served as  chair of the Environmental Work Group (studying the Toronto waterfront), has served  as advisor to the Metropolitan and Region Conservation Authority on valley land issues, and assisted the National Capital Commission on their 'Green Capital'  initiative.  

He was the recipient of the Toronto Arts Awards for Architecture and Design from the  Arts Foundation of Greater Toronto in 1991, the American Society of Landscape  Architects Bradford Williams Medal for journalistic excellence in 1989, the Alumnus  Amicus Award from the University of Toronto Architecture, Landscape and Design in  1988, as well as the Lieutenant Governor’s Conservation Award, 1993. He is trained  as an architect and a landscape architect.  

Michael is the past president of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, a  member of the Canadian Institute of Planners and a member of the Royal Canadian  Academy of the Arts. Michael has been actively involved in this profession for five decades and is a deserving recipient of this prestigious award.  

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