John Zvonar

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Service to the Community or the Public on Behalf of the Profession
Administrative Professional Work in Public Agencies of Government Services

John Zvonar graduated with a Master of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Manitoba’s School of Landscape Architecture in 1988. On learning of his election to the College of Fellows, he contacted Al Rattray, Charlie Thomsen, Ted McLachlan and Susan Buggey, the teachers who instilled in him the importance of giving back where he could. And it was thus in the field of Heritage Conservation where he had that opportunity and energy.

For the past 25 years, John has exercised this vocation at the federal government’s centre of expertise in Heritage Conservation. While working directly with Achim Jankowski and Joann Latremouille – as the next in a continuum of stewards – he was able to protect heritage values at national historic sites both here and abroad.

John has also had the privilege to work with a number of like-minded enthusiasts such as Wendy Shearer within the Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation and more broadly, with the Cultural Landscapes Committee of ICOMOS Canada. Today John serves as the Expert Voting Member for Canada on the ICOMOS-IFLA International Scientific Committee for Cultural Landscapes. 

John also served on the OALA’s Examining Board, co-chaired the 2000 congress with Gerry Lajeunesse, and presented a variety of papers in exotic locales, from Winnipeg to Havana to Iqaluit.

Understanding what it takes to prepare such nominations, John is gratified to know that there are others who feel the same way about his contribution to our shared discipline.

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