Jean-Marc Latreille

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Executed Works of Landscape Architecture

Monsieur Jean-Marc Latreille graduated with a B.L.A. degree from the University of Montreal in 1975 and was accepted as a member of AAPQ and CSLA in 1978. He served an influential role as a member and Vice-President of AAPQ's Board of Directors from 1987 to 1990 and also chaired numerous committees. Jean-Marc has also contributed greatly to our profession as a long-time lecturer at the landscape architecture program of the University of Montreal. He has been responsible for the highly technical Site Engineering course for an astonishing 28 years. 

However, it is as a senior partner in the firm PLA Consultants, which he co-founded with Anne Marie Parent in 1977, that Jean-Marc has made his most significant contribution to the profession. He has been responsible for a long list of high-profile projects of enduring quality. These include well-known Montreal sites, such as the rooftop court and garden of Complex Guy-Fareau, the Maison Alcan garden, the Parc des Excluses in the old Port, the museum of Civilisations in Gatineau, and the rehabilitation of the prime minister's residence at 24 Sussex Drive, as well as numerous urban parks and commercial, industrial and institutional campuses. He has also developed a particular expertise in the integration of sculptures in the landscape and has executed such projects in France, Chile and the United States, as well as Ontario and Quebec. 

In recognition of his enduring commitment to high standards of professional practice for the past 30 years, we are honoured to welcome Jean-Marc Latreille as a CSLA Fellows.

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