Isabelle Giasson

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Executed Works of Landscape Architecture
Direct Service to the Society

Focusing on creating living environments that stand out for their quality, friendliness and sustainability, Isabelle hopes that cities will become more playful, safe and environmentally friendly. By putting the human being at the heart of her concerns, she understands how every landscape architect has the power to improve the lot of her community. As a LEED certified professional, she is interested in building recycling, greening our cities and ecological stormwater management. Isabelle holds three university degrees from University of Waterloo (1986), Université de Montréal (1993) and HEC-Montréal (1999). Isabelle works at EVOQ whose name testifies to the conviction that any conception of a development project must be an expression of the meaning that the genius of the place reveals to her, that is to say what it EVOOQ! She is known as a dedicated and passionate manager and professional with experience.
Isabelle has led about 15 projects that have received awards of excellence mainly in Mont-Royal Park, Old Montréal and downtown Montréal. Whether it is for the development of heritage sites, the urban revitalization of the public domain or the strategy of implementing master plans, she is enthusiastically involved in everything she does. The recipient of the Günter A. Schoch Scholarship on two occasions from the Landscape Architecture Foundation of Canada, she has also made eight documentaries of pioneering Canadian landscape architects, available on Youtube.

Isabelle has been President of the Association des architectes paysagistes du Québec (AAPQ) since 2015, where she participates in numerous committees and round tables to promote her profession and contribute to the influence of Québec landscape architects. As Vice-chair of the Jacques-Viger Committee since 2016, she collaborates on evaluating proposals for changes to the City of Montréal’s Urban Planning Plan based on the quality of urban planning projects. urban design, landscape architecture, architecture and design.

Her great curiosity pushed her to travel all over the world, and to bring back in her suitcases the best practices of landscape architecture at home. His creative spirit encourages him to get involved at all levels of project, of all kinds of scale. Isabelle is based on what is best in us: creativity, sharing, innovation, dedication, surpassing oneself!

CSLA | AAPC 12 Forillon Crescent, Ottawa ON K2M 2W5