Glen Manning

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Executed Works of Landscape Architecture
Service to the Community or the Public on Behalf of the Profession
Direct Service to the Society

Glen Manning is the managing principal at HTFC Planning & Design in Winnipeg, with more than 28 years of local and international experience across a broad range of practice. 

His work has garnered several awards, including the CSLA Jury’s National Award of Excellence for Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park in 2018, and National awards for the Red River Floodway Greenway, Oodena Celebration Circle, and Lyra Aeolian Harp. Glen’s practice focuses on urban design, transportation corridors, heritage sites, bridge architecture, accessible housing and landscapes, active transportation, graphic design and interpretive planning. He is a registered Green Roof Professional (G.R.P.) and a frequent guest lecturer at the University of Manitoba’s Civil Engineering Department and Department of Landscape Architecture.

Glen’s community service commitments are focused on inclusive and sustainable community design. He is a past member of the Chamber of Commerce’s Environmental Leadership Council, and a board member of the Green Action Centre. He was the lead author of provincial policy document on Visitable Housing for Manitoba Housing and remains actively involved with the Canadian Centre on Disability Studies’ visitability projects.

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“Folk Ensemble – The Festival Tower.” Landscapes Paysages vol. 17, no. 4., 2015.

(with John Morgan) “A 100-Year Integrated Vegetation Strategy for the Red River Floodway.” Acta Horticulturae Book for the 2nd International Conference on Landscape and Urban Horticulture

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