Gerald A. G. LaJeunesse

Year of Investiture:
Category(ies) of Investiture:
Executed Works of Landscape Architecture
Administrative Professional Work in Public Agencies of Government Services

Gerald Lajeunesse holds a BSc. degree in Biochemistry from Carleton University received in 1970, and a BLA degree from the University of Montreal, obtained in 1970. He is currently working on his MBA degree at the University of Ottawa. Being fully bilingual, Gerry has been an AAPQ and CSLA member since 1989 and an OALA member since 1985. He has been playing a strong role within the professional associations. both AAPQ and OALA, throughout his career, often serving in an executive capacity, as committee chair, or directing a task force. Most recently, he has been co-chair of the planning committee, organizing the CSLA Congress 2000 in Ottawa.

Gerry has been a staff member of the National Capital Commission since 1977 and its Chief Landscape Architect since 1989. He also held the position of Manager and Project Director for the Confederation Boulevard Project, since 1988. Under his leadership a great number of superb landscape architectural and urban design projects were conceived and carried out. Gerry’s ability to build consensus and steer the collective contributions of many agencies and interdisciplinary consult teams have earned him much respect from the almost infinite number of stakeholders' involved In these highly visible and sensitive projects. During the last few years, Gerry had to face the new tasks of managing the 'downsizing'' process typical of all government departments. He met all these challenges in an exemplary fashion, combining professional rigour with personal diplomacy and wisdom. 

CSLA | AAPC 12 Forillon Crescent, Ottawa ON K2M 2W5