Douglas Clark

Year of Investiture:

Douglas has executed many works that reveal his individuality and mastery of the art of landscape architecture. These works cover a wide range of development scales. In 1983, Douglas was Awarded the CSLA Regional Citation for his Cypress Hills Provincial Park research project. 

Mr. Clark's professional outreach activities have been of a diverse and extremely valuable nature to the many groups which he has helped. Significant among his activities was his association with the North Saskatchewan Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. As Co-President from 1985 to 1987, Mr. Clark had the opportunity to display the organizational skills of a professional landscape architect to Canada's health care and social systems. Through his inspirational efforts, this Association was able to raise significant research monie, Mr. Clark's outreach led him to meet on numerous occasions with important officials and Canadians including their National President, the Honorable Mrs Mila Mulrooney. Through his efforts, Douglas inadvertently or not, has portrayed a landscape architect as a professional person with a broad knowledge and a caring heart. 

As a teacher, Mr. Clark has lectured as a guest in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Manitoba, and has served as a staff member at the University of Saskatchewan, lecturing on Graphic Design, Urban Design and Urban Planning. He has consistently over the years been involved in numerous committees at both Departmental and Faculty levels. Mr. Clark has presented learned papers to any groups including the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association, the Saskatchewan Real Estate Society and the Heritage Society. Mr. Clark has clearly demonstrated through his Professional University and Public Lectures his influence and contribution to the advancement of the profession, to students, the profession, the public and other societies. 

Mr. Clark has published articles on Landscape Architecture in Landscape Canada, Western Living and Harrowsmith magazines. From 1983 to 1985 he served as the SALA Regional Correspondent to LAR. This professional writing and other original work in the communications media, have significantly contributed to the advancement of the profession of landscape architecture. 

Perhaps most significant, have been Doug's achievements in the category of Direct Service in the Society.  Mr Clark's contributions have, and continue to be outstanding and inspiring. Douglas has been President of the Saskatchewan Association of Landscape Architects and was instrumental in the success of SALA in the presentation of the 1985 CSLA National Spirit of the Land Congress. In 1987 and 1988, Mr. Clark sat on the Board of Governors of the CSLA. He was an active participant, headed committees and produced reports on issues such as Provincial membership categories. This work has led to a standardization of Component Membership Categories. is important Chairmanship of the CSLA Awards Program.

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