Doug Backhouse

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Executed Works of Landscape Architecture
Professional Writing

Doug is a graduate of the University of Manitoba receiving a BES in 1984 and a MLA 1989.  In addition, Doug studied in Edinburgh obtaining a Diploma in Landscape Studies from  Edinburgh University in 1986. Doug has been a member of the BCSLA since 1992 and  served as BCLSA’s island director for a number of years in the 1990’s. 

After graduating Doug worked for a number of years in Hamilton, Bermuda. Returning  to Canada he joined the firm of Lanarc Consultants in 1992, and became a principal there  in 1996. In the 1990’s Doug had a leadership role in the creation of the well recognized  Stewardship Series of documents. Beginning with the Stream Stewardship Guide in 1994  this series now includes 19 titles on a variety of stewardship topics. Over the same period  Doug developed a variety of web based decision support tools that include the Water Balance  Model for BC, The Water Conservation Calculator and the Irrigation Scheduling Calculator.  The influence of these projects has been recognized through the Premier’s award for Design  Innovation in 2009. 

Doug has also played a central role in the creation of the Island Corridor Foundation whose  membership includes the 5 regional districts and 14 first nations of Vancouver Island. Doug  supported the drafting of the ICF’s constitution and the negotiation of Asset Donation  Agreements, valued at $366 million, for the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway. Doug acted as  the Executive Director for the foundation between 2005 and 2008. 


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