David J. Reid

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Executed Works of Landscape Architecture
Professional Writing

Mr. David Reid’s 28 years in landscape architecture started with graduation from the University of Guelph in 1975. His first job with Don Graham’s group provided such effective training that he became one of the principals of the Landplan Collaborative at the tender age of 22. 

David agreed to man Landplan’s Vancouver office for three months in 1976. The three months grew to five years in Vancouver and a practice of ten professionals. In 1981, he convinced Landplan to let him start a branch office on Vancouver Island. There were no landscape architects north of Victoria at the time, and David moved to Nanaimo to fill that niche. The descendant firm, Lanarc Consultants, is now a diversified consultancy of ten, with Doug Backhouse as key partner. Lanarc has established a broad consulting practice for local governments and leading developers. 

Dave’s analytical abilities, multi-disciplinary approach and warm personality elevate him as a team leader and permit him to coordinate diverse professionals in the pursuit of creative solutions to complex design issues. He is probably best known for his publications for senior government clients. Especially here he has made direct and powerful contributions to the advancement of the profession of landscape architecture and to the public recognition of the profession through both his private practice accomplishments and his public practice communications, both in print and digital media.

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