David Anselmi

Year of Investiture:

David Anselmi is Senior Director, Real Estate for Canada Lands Company CLC Limited, an arm-length, commercial Crown Corporation owned by the Government of Canada. Canada Lands
Company purchases federal properties at market value, master plans, services and sells these properties in order to optimize their financial and community value. Canada Lands Company also holds and operates selected assets such as the CN Tower, Old Port of Montreal and Downsview Park.

Canada Lands Company and Downsview Park amalgamated in 2013, whereby Canada Lands Company has direct responsibility for the real estate development of the Downsview Lands, leveraging its extensive experience and proven track record in community building, along with responsibility for the ongoing capital improvements and operations of Downsview Park itself.

Prior to his role with Canada Lands Company and prior to the amalgamation of Canada Lands Company and Downsview Park, David was Senior Vice President, Development and Sustainability for Downsview Park. David joined Downsview Park in June 2003, as Vice President Park Development and has been responsible for the overall planning, design and implementation of all aspects of the Downsview Park development, and the execution of capital projects throughout this 231 ha site and its 1.7 million square feet of existing buildings.

David is a past president of the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects serving from 1996-1998, and a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects. As well, David is Chair of the
City of Toronto’s Public Art Commission, a member of the Toronto Community Housing Design Advisory Panel, and a member of the City of Mississauga Design Advisory panel. David was an Associate Professor at University of Toronto, faculty of Architecture, landscape and Design from 1990-1997.

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