Daniel Trottier

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Executed Works of Landscape Architecture
Administrative Professional Work in Public Agencies of Government Services

Mr. Daniel Trottier is a graduate of the Université de Montréal and earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree in 1982. He became a member of the AAPQ and CSLA in 1984.

Daniel commenced his work as landscape architect in 1985 in the role of project manager with the Ministry of Transport in Quebec. Since joining this organization, he has been exposed to the world of engineering. His dedication, professionalism and patience have enabled him to demonstrate the importance of landscape architecture in all stages of planning, preparation and execution of the Ministry's highway projects. In 1998, Daniel became co-originator and co-leader of the new approach to the ecological management of the vegetation growing along Quebec higways. In 2002, he was named Section Manager of Environment, Regional Planning and Landscape within the National Capital area.

Daniel has won a number of honours and awards in recognition of his quality and the originality of his work, notably the Prix de l'Île d'Orléans in 1996, the award of excellence from the Syndicat des professionnels du gouvernement du Québec in 1998, Frederic Todd Prize 2005 from the AAPQ and the award of excellence in 2017 from the CSLA for the redevelopment of the Charest/Robert-Bourassa interchange.

Since 2017, Daniel is retired from the Public Service of Quebec.

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