Cynthia D. Cohlmeyer

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Direct Service to the Society
Service to the Community or the Public on Behalf of the Profession

Cynthia Cohlmeyer received her BA in Fine Arts from Carleton College in 1968 and a M.L.A. from the University of Manitoba in 1977. She was accepted as a member of MALA in 1983, served on MALA Council for two terms, and also served as Chair of the Examining Board. Elected MALA President in 2001, she then represented the Association on the CSLA Board of Governors from 2002 to 2005. During this time she shepherded the completion of A History of Landscape Architecture and Landscape Architects in Manitoba, authored by Catherine Macdonald.

Cynthia often works with Cohlmeyer Architecture. Together they have created signature projects such as The Forks in Winnipeg, Regina City Square and the Comox Waterfront. Cynthia's central passion is the natural systems and indigenous plant communities. She has experimented with landscape maintenance methods for many years. Her vegetation management plan for the 17 Wing (CFB) in Winnipeg is a model for the Department of National Defense in Canada.

Cynthia's contributions to environmental organizations has been significant. For example, the Henteleff Park Framework Plan and the Truro Creek Revitalization Plan are projects that were developed in cooperation with volunteer community groups. As Chair of the Urban Environment Committee of Nature Manitoba, she played a critical role in the development of the City of Winnipeg Natural Areas Inventory, the Riverbottorn Forest Enhancement Project and the European Buckthorn Control Initiative.

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