Carol Craig

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Carol Craig is a senior landscape architect with AECOM Canada Ltd. and has 28 years of experience in the profession.  During this time, she has developed an expertise in constructed wetland development, wetland rehabilitation, bioengineering, naturalized planting and low impact development while working in land development, highways, recreational developments and streetscapes.  She also has considerable experience in public consultation.  

Carol has been actively involved in the Alberta Association of Landscape Architects (as treasurer and president) and is a member of the SALA and MALA.  She taken many volunteer positions associated with the industry, including the Urban Development Institute (UDI), Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), and Edmonton Design Committee.  Carol represented the AALA on the CSLA board from 2007 – 2011, and worked on accreditation, reciprocity, and sponsorship initiatives. She currently represents the CSLA on the ASLA Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System (LACES) Review and Monitoring Committees.  She was inducted as a Fellow of the CSLA in 2012 for her professional work and, for service to the profession.  

Carol is passionate about the profession of landscape architecture and believes our time has come to take the lead:

“Together as a national association, we have the numbers and the will to move forward and initiate change for the betterment of where and how we live.  Our mandate, to be stewards of our man-made and natural environments, is better understood by other professionals, governments and the public at large, than ever before.  This helps set the stage for landscape architecture to become stronger as we work as one across provincial/territorial boundaries to increase our profile, our scope and the implicit value of our profession.”

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