André Chartrand

Year of Investiture:

A man of great culture and modesty, André Chartrand has always pursued excellence in everything he does.
The parks signed by André Chartrand are characterized by the quality and durability of the elements that compose it. He has always said that works of quality transcend the centuries. Also, beyond ephemeral modes, he knew how to develop his personal style both modern by a treatment of materials and classic by the balance of In composition. 

In addition, he has been entrusted with the planning of a large number of projects in the heart of Old Montreal. For example, Place Vauquelin and its magnificent fountain created two decades ago remain one of the main symbols of the quality of life in Montreal. More recently, the development of the In Royer Course has garnered everyone’s admiration. 

Not only did he participate in the revitalization of Old Montreal, but his thirty years at L'emploi de in Ville de Montréal allowed him to leave his mark on a large number of public places.

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