Annual Dinner of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects and Town Planners

Niagara Falls, Ontario, and guests from the Upstate New York Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (1956) - Souper annuel de l’Association des architectes paysagistes et urbanistes du Canada with some of the members of Upstate New York Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (1956).

  1. Graham, Secretary, secrétaire, U.N.Y. Chapter
  2. R.A. Fisher, architect, architecte, Toronto
  3. Gordon Culham, President, CSLA&TP
  4. Mrs. Bunnell
  5. David Mansur, guest speaker, formerly with CMHC
  6. Louis Perron, Past President CSLA&TP
  7. Mrs. Mansur
  8. Norede Rotunno, professor, Syracuse University
  9. Mrs. Perron
  10. A.E.K. Bunnell, Honourary member CSLA&TP
  11. Lotta Dempsey (Mrs. R.A. Fisher), columnist, Globe and Mail
  12. Nelson Welles, President U.N.Y. Chapter, head of N.Y. Highways
  13. Donald Pettit, Toronto
  14. Wilhelm Stensson, Sheridan
  15. Macklin Hancock, Toronto
  16. C.E. Robinson, Toronto
  17. Edward I. Wood, FDC, Ottawa
  18. Jim Secord, St. Catharines
  19. Austin Floyd, Toronto
  20. Mrs. C.E. Robinson
  21. Mrs. Floyd
  22. Mrs. Secord
  23. Mrs. Thomas McCabe, Toronto
  24. Edwin Kay, Toronto
  25. Edwin Kay’s friend from Hungary
  26. Mrs. Kay
  27. Wife of Mr. Kay’s friend from Hungary
  28. Frances Blue, Aurora
  29. Katharine Wilson Rahn, Rochester
  30. Helen Kippax, Toronto
  31. Professor Albrecht, Syracuse
  32. Mr. Griever, Syracuse

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