In the 2021-2023 CSLA Strategic Plan approved in June, 2020, the issue of research was identified as a priority. 

The importance of research in the profession cannot be understated:

  • LACF exists to promote scholarship and research
  • Scholars in landscape architecture are often published in journals and author books 
  • The Canadian Landscape Charter advocates for expanding knowledge in the profession 
  • Accreditation standards for curricula include the requirement to include research and scholarly methods in graduate level programs (MLA programs) 

Submit your Name to SSHRC, NSERC and CIHR to Serve on Peer Review Panels

Are you a researcher who is interested in serving on a peer review panel for SSHRC or NSERC? If so, please read this important letter from the Tri-Council Funding Task Force

The Importance of Tri-Council Research Funding for Landscape Architecture

From 2015 to 2019, a CSLA task force investigated the importance of research to scholars of landscape architecture and to the profession generally and investigated challenges and constraints  that scholars in landscape architecture have in obtaining funding for research.

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