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In November of 2023, the CSLA Board approved establishing a task force on education, called the Intersections Task Force.

In 2023, representatives of the CSLA and LACF visited all accredited schools of landscape architecture. The school visits were well received, generated important conversations, and were characterized by optimism and positivity. The schools welcomed the opportunity to host these visits with both faculty and students. Following the 2023 visits, then CSLA President Chris Grosset prepared a report which was reviewed by the Board in June 2023 and included several recommendations to further enhance the relationship and collaboration between the CSLA, students, faculty, and schools. 

Intersections Summit

intersectionsIn addition, in June 2023 the CSLA hosted an educational summit named Intersections. The objective of the summit was to: 

  • initiate a discussion between landscape architecture programs, practitioners and CSLA on Reconciliation, JEDI, and Climate Adaptation;
  • undertake a consultation on the revision of the LAAC Manual of Standards; and
  • spur and encourage a community of practice between educators and CSLA.
  • The CSLA Board of Directors has agreed that ensuring a constant connection to the future of the profession is vital. The formation of this task force follows as a recommendation of the school visits and the summit.

Read the Summary of the Intersections Summit

Mandate and Objectives

The mandate of the Task Force is to develop a work plan for the approval of the Board of Directors, to

  • identify areas of collaboration with schools;
  • enhance the relationship with schools;
  • collaborate with and coordinate with component association on school visits and initiatives;
  • share CSLA and LACF initiatives with the students and faculty;
  • to promote membership in CSLA;
  • engage students and faculty;
  • promote collaboration in research priorities, and
  • suggest to the Board how to operationalize and set a budget for the recommendations.

Members and Roles

The Task Force is composed of:

  • CSLA Staff
  • CSLA Board Member (as Board Champion)
  • A member from LAAC
  • A member at large
  • Component Presidents, or their designates
  • LACF Board Member
  • Up to two educators from each LAAC-accredited and candidacy status program, who are CSLA members
  • Representatives from each LAAC-accredited and candidacy status program’s student associations.

Chair: The Chair of the Task Force should be selected from its members.

Meetings: 6 meetings per year, between September and May, up to 90 minutes in length.

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