Call for Submissions - Waters' Edge

Fall 2021 

Submission dates:

April 12 (queries/abstracts) 

May 15, 2021 (final drafts)

Guest Editor: Joanne Moran, OALA, FCSLA


Waters’ Edge landscapes, including ocean front and Inland freshwater lakes, rivers, ponds streams and wetlands, are an intricate part of the landscapes we provide to communities across Canada. The relationship between the water and land at its edge is interdependent and intricate. In Canada, there are three coasts and over two million lakes and 85 rivers fed by streams and wetlands. 

Adjacent water houses a unique environment and affects the flora and fauna of shoreline and banks through the seasonal influences of inundation, temperature modification, soil saturations and a multitude of micro interactions that affect how those lands need to be considered in design as well as environmental and engineering investigations. Moreover, the influence of climate change on water levels must be considered. Add to that the variable uses associated with waterfront lands and the possibilities are as unique as the designer’s imagination.

Waters’ Edge landscapes are indeed a challenge at all times, but also a pleasure and a privilege to those fortunate enough to work on these intriguing situations.

In this issue, we want to explore and expose the thoughts and experiences of Landscape Architects as they include shorelines in their work, from a policy as well as a design perspective. We want to provide readers with an insight to those sensitive considerations, for instance:

  1. Have you designed for an ocean front or a freshwater landscape in recent years? 
  1. Do you admire a sensitively integrated waterfront design?
  1. How did the adjacency affect your design considerations or your experience? 

We invite your submissions! See the next page for our contact information – drop us a line with your idea/thoughts/abstracts and we’ll get in touch to discuss how we can consider your material in an issue that promises to be exciting and thought-provoking.

Please send ideas, abstracts, or draft articles to:

Guest (Content) Editor: Joanne Moran,

Managing Editor: Laurie Blake,

General Guidelines for Contributors 

  • Deadline for article ideas, abstracts or rough Drafts is April 12, 2021 (or earlier). 
  • Final Draft submission deadline is May 15, 2021. 
  • Article length: 
    • Short collaboration stories: 300-500 words
    • Feature articles to be 1400-1600 words
    • Upfront section (short, general content articles): 300-500 words. 
    • Book review suggestions are also welcome (600-800 words)Remember, as with some design projects, less can be more... 
  • References & Notes: L/P is a magazine, not a peer-reviewed journal. As such, we try to keep Notes (foot or endnote) or lists of References to a minimum. 
  • Illustrations: Please supply about 12 illustrations for a feature article and 1-2 for short articles. All images must be high resolution (300 dpi) and include captions and photo credit. Further Photo guidelines will be supplied separately, upon request. 

Please ask to see our Contributors Guidelines for further information. 

Your Biography, + Those of Contributors

Please provide a brief bio (around 50 words), a photograph, your preferred email address and a mailing address (for complimentary copies; no mailing address received, no comp copies sent!). Our authors are the voice of LP, and our readers appreciate knowing where you are coming from. In your brief bio, please DO include a mention of your work or home base – but please keep the data brief. Instead, we invite you to use the space to tell us something about yourself, and your link to the story you are telling in the magazine, or to the issue’s theme. 

A sample bio written for the “Messiness” issue is provided below:

CAROLINE LAVOIE teaches landscape design theory and representation at Utah State University, where she has inhabited the same (messy!) office for 20 years. “My office landscape is covered in almost geologic layers of papers, surrounded by mountains of books, student projects, paintings, drawings, models, mobiles, even hats, and then the fabulous view the real mountains outside my window.” 

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