Call for Submissions - Reset

Winter 2021

Submission dates:

  • August 10, 2021 (queries/abstracts) 
  • September 10, 2021 (final drafts)

Guest Editors: Michelle Delk, Snøhetta, ASLA, New York + with Doug Carlyle, FCSLA, RCA, Dialog, Calgary


Rarely does our world stand still. As the coronavirus pandemic reshaped global movements and natural systems, it also transformed daily life. This crisis has brought innumerable challenges, but it’s also created a moment of pause. In this space between what was and what can be, there’s an opportunity to reflect and design better paths forward. We must reassess and expand the possibilities for sustainable, equitable and beautiful landscapes; it’s our responsibility to drive this change, through leadership and expanded collaboration with other disciplines.

Under the theme of RESET/RÉINITIALISER, this issue will explore how we move forward; how we re-adjust, recalibrate and reform our practice. The future is already here, but it’s unevenly distributed. As we shape our shared environments, we must safeguard and expand public health and social equity. As the concept of where we live and work is being reconsidered, the qualities of place and community matter even more. And the climate crisis has brought renewed interest in biodiversity, as well as carbon-neutral and green-deal recovery solutions for cities and rural communities. 

The perspective this pandemic has revealed should only add fodder to the fire that fuels our human creativity and ingenuity. The obligation we must choose to shoulder, now more than ever, is that as designers we must get things “right” today so we can ensure the future we need. It’s not about merely solving how we may simply exist in the future, with seawalls, mars colonies and fission micro-reactors, but how we can go further: actively instilling the equitable access to good health, equality and liberty.

This is a pivotal moment to reset, to reimagine our future for a healthier planet and a more equitably shared human experience across all landscapes. As we reconsider what was, it’s time to design a more adaptive and optimistic world.

Please send ideas, abstracts, or draft articles to:

Guest (Content) Editors: 

Doug Carlyle

Michelle Delk

Managing Editor:

Laurie Blake

General Guidelines for Contributors 

Deadline for article ideas, abstracts or rough Drafts is August 10, 2021 (or earlier). 
Final Draft submission deadline is September 10, 2021. 

Article length: 

Short collaboration stories: 300-500 words
Feature articles to be 1400-1600 words
Upfront section (short, general content articles): 300-500 words. 
Book review suggestions are also welcome (600-800 words)

Remember, as with some design projects, less can be more... 

References & Notes: L/P is a magazine, not a peer-reviewed journal. As such, we try to keep Notes (foot or endnote) or lists of References to a minimum. 

Illustrations: Please supply about 12 illustrations for a feature article and 1-2 for short articles. All images must be high resolution (300 dpi) and include captions and photo credit. Further Photo guidelines will be supplied separately, upon request. 

Please ask to see our Contributors Guidelines for further information. 

Your Biography, + Those of Contributors

Please provide a brief bio (around 50 words), a photograph, your preferred email address and a mailing address (for complimentary copies; no mailing address received, no comp copies sent!). Our authors are the voice of LP, and our readers appreciate knowing where you are coming from. In your brief bio, please DO include a mention of your work or home base – but please keep the data brief. Instead, we invite you to use the space to tell us something about yourself, and your link to the story you are telling in the magazine, or to the issue’s theme. 

A sample bio written for the “Messiness” issue is provided below:

CAROLINE LAVOIE teaches landscape design theory and representation at Utah State University, where she has inhabited the same (messy!) office for 20 years. “My office landscape is covered in almost geologic layers of papers, surrounded by mountains of books, student projects, paintings, drawings, models, mobiles, even hats, and then the fabulous view the real mountains outside my window.” 

CSLA | AAPC 12 Forillon Crescent, Ottawa ON K2M 2W5