Webinar: Landscape Strategies for a Fire-Prone Planet


About the webinar

Communities worldwide were threatened by fire on an unprecedented scale this year. In this talk by expert Jonah Susskind, currently a senior researcher at SWA, increasingly urgent mitigation and protection issues will be examined, including critical feedback loops between urbanization and environmental risk in fire-prone landscapes, key disciplinary knowledge gaps among practitioners, and the introduction of applied strategies for community-scale wildfire resilience.

JonahAbout the Presenter: Jonah Susskind

Jonah Susskind is a senior research associate at SWA. His work addresses issues related to climate change and urbanization, with a special focus on wildfire risk and resilience. Susskind has held teaching appointments at Harvard University and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he has taught courses in architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning.

To read more about SWA and their wildfire research see Designing for Fire Prone Landscapes and download the Playbook for the Pyrocene, an open-access guide to preparing for wildfires.

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